Crack in the Road

Hailing from Berlin, self-proclaimed ‘folkwave’ duo Marius Gutowski and Florian Sekula aka Freakish Atlantic have just released their debut EP Siren Songs, five tracks of gorgeous synth driven folk.

What’s so fantastic about this EP is the picturesque way in which the songs fit together, portraying the duo as far more experienced than their history would suggest. The vocals are smooth and considered, coming in somewhere between Death Cab For Cutie and The Little Hands Of Asphalt. Yet there’s a darker tinge to Freakish Atlantic; the instrumental intro track showcasing this perfectly.

The folk influences stand true however, such as on Esther, which tells the harrowing story of a female acquaintance careering off the rails. The imagery is clear and concise; ‘Daddy was a fascist, left you bruises on your knees, he took you then for granted, betrayed his daughter with the bees‘, proving both brooding and deeply thoughtful. All in all, Siren Songs is an extremely promising release, combining varied inspirations with commendable songwriting; building expectation for a full length release from Freakish Atlantic. Siren Songs is available for free downlaod via their bandcamp page.