Crack in the Road

Canvas, the new EP from Atlanta’s Cityfires is a bizarre yet startlingly engrossing affair, swinging manically between genres and moods in a matter of seconds.

Composed of four different tracks with distinctively varying styles, with the underlying theme being of lo-fi produced electronic elements. Opening track Chroniker is an unashamedly pop influenced track, almost sounding like it should be sound-tracking a mid 90’s Disney film, with wistful lyrics and borderline cheesy vocals. Next up is the glitchy 8-bit stutter of Remora, very much fitting in with the classic ‘gameboy’ stereotype bandied about when discussing this genre. It’s almost danceable, although still quite possibly the weakest track on Canvas.

Again, the bipolar songwriting continues, opening up into the piano driven balladry of The Photographer, completed by orchestral violins and the vaguely Daniel Powter-esque (remember him?!) vocals. It’s on the last track however that Cityfires really excels; a minimal dubstep influenced affair, proving poetically ambient throughout. So with Canvas, Cityfires has shown his peculiarly diverse hand, and will hopefully follow up this EP with another more self-assured release.