Comedy Review: Hilarity Bites

Last week’s Hilarity Bites comedy evening at Blake’s Coffee house in Newcastle reasserted the North East yet further, as a leading player in UK comedy. The venue itself was perfect for the event, cosy and intimate the space really gave the comics a chance to shine. And shine they did, the night’s host Chris Ramsey was as always on top form; boyish, excitable and endearing, the packed crowd was certainly in safe hands.

The first act of the night, Carl Hutchinson certainly had a tough act to follow. Fortunately he was more than up to the task delivering a set full of sarcastic rants and bleak social observations, the highlight being Hutchinson’s eloquently titled list of “things that can fuck off”. Tony Jameson followed and was perhaps the weakest of the night, his set was by no means awful but his jokes just didn’t seem as inspired as the previous two. Jameson’s cruder jokes “fast foods like wanking over Fern Britton” certainly got the crowd laughing but ultimately the set lacked personality.

Seymour Mace’s headlining set however was undoubtedly the highlight of the evening. Imaginative, surreal and down right weird the set had a level of originality few had seen before. As Chris Ramsey mentioned after “I like laughing, but that was taking the piss”. Mace managed to make us pity and respect him all the same time, his observations about the world around him completely obscure yet wonderful all the same, “Do you think dogs get freaked out by people picking up their shit”. His performances also have just the right level of malice, the man is scary, when he tells you “I’m the man standing outside your house at night” you almost believe him. Without spoiling the sets finale, let’s just say its one of the most hilariously inspired endings to a show seen in a long time.
The night as a whole was a tremendous success with the event gathering strength in the region, hopefully the next Hilarity Bites will be just as great on the 29th of April.

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Joel Chima Written by
On the 19th Apr 2010