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New: Kraken – I’ll Be The Night

If you’re a regular reader of Crack In The Road, you’ll be very familiar with the name KRAKEN. Using this alias, M O N E Y‘s Jamie Lee has previously uploaded raw, incredibly emotive demos, and I’ll Be The Night is no different. Lee’s poetic lyrics echo the era of romanticism, with his intimate pastoral […]

New: Wild Heart – The Heartbeat The Soul

Ah, young romance. What a fickle yet loveable beast, ensnaring all those who wander into it’s treacherous waters. LA’s Wild Heart thrives upon the unexpected and cruel world of whirlwind love, with his pitch-shifted vocals and dangerously blasé production contributing to what is one of the finest pop tracks this year. Sure it’s remarkably simple, but who says music has to […]

By Josh
on 28th Sep 2012
in Music

New: Nightlives – Give Nothing

Despite this only being their second track, Toronto duo Nightlives have already begun making inroads into the blogosphere. Debut track Underneath played upon their shoegaze influences, yet with the slick production skills that we’ve come to expect from the likes of The Neighbourhood and Rhye, whereas new cut Give Nothing peels off the shiny coating […]

By Josh
on 27th Sep 2012
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New: Rhye – The Fall

Illusive LA based duo Rhye caused quite a stir earlier in the year with their debut track Open, an R’n’B ballad with more than a touch of 60’s soul about it. Having now signed to Polydor for their debut EP, entitled The Fall, out 9 October, the title track from said release premiered on Pitchfork […]

New: Egyptian Hip Hop – Yoro Diallo

Pitchfork’s intelligent and considered insight is one of the reasons many view it as the essential music website, at least for wannabe hipsters and try-hard scene kids. Take this stunning review of the new Egyptian Hip Hop track – “Here’s the record’s second single, “Yoro Diallo”; you’ll remember we shared the first single, “SYH”, last month.”. […]

By Josh
on 25th Sep 2012
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Introducing: Pauwel De Meyer

Having already supported Benjamin Francis Leftwich and released one EP as well as his debut album What Do They Do With Boys Like Us last year, it’s a crime that Belgian singer-songwriter Pauwel De Meyer isn’t already a household name. Now prepping his sophomore record, entitled Hideaway, it’s a record that’s sure to expose his music […]

New: Night Flowers – Violence (Of Love)

Written specially for Ryan Haysom’s short film ‘Yellow’, Violence (Of Love) is the first we’ve heard from London’s Night Flowers since their fantastic debut EP back in March. Featuring Panda Stewart on vocals, it’s fairly different from the shoegaze sound of their previous release, and falls more inside the dream-pop boundaries, drawing from Cocteau Twins and Keep […]

By Josh
on 21st Sep 2012
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New: Nosaj Thing – Eclipse/Blue (feat. Kazu Makino)

Three years on since the release of his debut LP Drift, Jason Chung aka Nosaj Thing makes his return with the sparkling new single Eclipse/Blue featuring Kazu Makino of Blonde Redhead on vocals. Not to get carried away, but it’s probably the best track you’ll hear this year; merging shoegaze influences with Nosaj Thing’s spotlessly […]

New: Labrador Van – IMA

Only three tracks into their career, New Zealand four piece Labrador Van have already earmarked themselves out as having serious potential. New track IMA is quite possibly their finest too date, utilizing their silky smooth, almost Radiohead-esque vocals and shoegaze inspired guitar lines. One of those few listens that really does end too soon, check it out […]

By Josh
on 19th Sep 2012
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Review: How To Dress Well – Total Loss

“…the lyrics are blind baggage, and they emerge only in snatches…such a style seems to link up with an older tradition – the tradition of the American artist to put his story in disguise, to tell his tale from the shadows, probably because that is where he usually finds it. Those who mean to seduce […]

Festival Review: In The Woods 2012

From the outset in the woods festival makes it very clear, this is a festival for seasoned festival goers. I, as it happens, am not, so the demands of a 9am rise to get to the site in time for the first band at 12.30, was a lot to ask. Just a thought, try to […]

By Joel Chima
on 18th Sep 2012
in Festivals

Introducing: Halona King

Writing massive pop songs is a much more difficult art than many would imagine. It would be foolish to underestimate the level of genius that went into constructing Carly Rae Jepsen’s Call Me Maybe, one of the finest pop songs in recent memory. Now I’m not comparing New York soul singer Halona King to Carly, […]

Introducing: Yume

I know what you’re thinking, ‘oh no, not another teenage producer here to make all of us twenty year old’s feel completely and utterly worthless’, right? Well, yeah, that’s pretty much the case. As with the likes of xxyyxx, Beat Culture and Hollow Pigeons, NY’s Yume (presumably pronounced You-Me) appears to find his inspiration amongst […]

New: Pacific Air – Float

Following a growing trend of ‘blogbuzz’ acts, pop duo KO KO, whom we introduced to the world back in March of this year alongside their gorgeous debut three track EP, have signed to Universal Records for their debut single and (presumably) the release of their first LP. Having also gained plaudits from our friends at […]

Video: Alt-J – Fitzpleasure

Continuing to ride on the crest of the great wave of hype, and fresh off the back of a Mercury Prize nomination, Alt-J have dropped their newest video to ‘Fitzpleasure’, the Last Exit to Brooklyn-inspired track from this year’s An Awesome Wave. Much like the band’s video to ‘Tessellate’, it’s a gothic mix of religious […]

By Chris Heasman
on 12th Sep 2012
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Introducing: Nightlives

Formerly known as ttthick as ttthieves, and now reborn as Nightlives, Brent and Jordan from Toronto are set to release their debut LP A Wink In The Face Of Death later this month. With considered black and white imagery and slightly mysterious press photos, Nightlives have all the makings of a future internet sensation, following […]

New: Halls – Roses For The Dead

I’m almost ashamed that this is the first time South London dark-pop artist Halls has appeared on Crack in the Road, given his consistently high quality output. With his debut LP Ark out 15 October on No Pain In Pop, the genius behind Halls aka Sam Howard has given the premiere of new track Roses […]

News: Mercury Prize 2012 Shortlist Revealed

One of the most prestigious awards in music, the Barclaycard Mercury Prize celebrates it’s twentieth year in 2012. Having previously been won by the likes of Primal Scream, Pulp and The XX, the award chosen by a panel of musicians, music executives, journalists and other figures in the music industry in the UK and Ireland […]

New: Miyuki & Jan Amit – Sublime Moments

Having staggered across Miyuki’s music a week or so ago, I’ve been utterly enthralled by the Russian producer. With all her back catalogue downloaded and the play counts rapidly rising, it’s fair to say that I’m falling head over heels for her emotionally connected dubstep, as are others it would appear. When I introduced her […]

By Josh
on 11th Sep 2012
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Video: Mmoths – Over You

Hugely hyped shows all over the world, a mightily successful EP and now an exclusive track on Annie Mac’s AMP 2012 Compilation, alongside the likes of Azealia Banks, Diplo and Netsky; it’s fair to say that Irish beatmaker Mmoths is kicking up quite a fuss. The tune in question, Over You, is precisely what we’ve […]