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New: Sweater Beats – MLLNDLLR

Trap music is the future, or so the word on the street is. Personally I have no idea what the genre tag means, and I don’t really care either when the tracks are this good. Sweater Beats, a young producer from New York, sets this cut alight with choppy samples and 80’s style hooks, with […]

By Josh
on 31st Jul 2012
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New: Sweet Valley Slumber Party – Virgins

Having impressed with their demo’s back in February, Orange County duo Sweet Valley Slumber Party have returned with a stirring new single, set to be the first release from their debut LP, out in August. Virgins isn’t too much of a departure from their early work, yet certainly sees a progression in their songwriting, feeling […]

Video: G A L P A L S – For Our Sake

Two adolescent cutesy girls re-enacting every single teenage cliche, soundtracked by three minutes of Best Coast style pop… on paper, it’s horrendous. Thankfully, it actually works brilliantly, even if it is bordering open sickly sweet at times. So it’s has it’s tongue placed firmly in it’s cheek, yet that doesn’t stop it being one of […]

By Josh
on 29th Jul 2012
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New: Bloc Party – Day Four

Having announced their return with the rather understated release of new track Octopus back at the start of July, Bloc Party have unveiled another track to be taken from forthcoming LP Four. Day Four finds the quartet in a melancholic, remorseful spirit, reminiscing about relationships, addictions and idealized loves. As with Octopus, it’s a track […]

By Josh
on 28th Jul 2012
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New: Unknown – #009

If, like me, you’re sick of hearing ‘Na na na na na na na’ at every single ‘British’ celebration since 1990 (and also slightly scared by Paul McCartney’s ever thinning nose), then the comforting sounds of Unknown could be the ideal antidote. Now with nine tracks to his name, the elusive producer would potentially have […]

New: Heavenly Beat – Talent

Yet another batch of blissed out tracks that are set to be dominating your summer playlists has arrived in the form of Heavenly Beat’s debut album Talent. This is a lone venture by Beach Fossils bassist John Peña who is following en suite the schema of a side project laid down by his fellow band […]

By Joey Fulton
on 26th Jul 2012
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New: *NSYNC – Bye Bye Bye (Balam Acab Remix)

*NSYNC’s Bye Bye Bye was on the first ever Now CD I bought; I think it was round about the 40 mark, although I could be wrong. Either way, quite frankly, it’s one of the best songs ever written, so when I saw Balam Acab had tried his hand at reworking this classic track, I […]

By Josh
on 25th Jul 2012
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Introducing: MVSCLES

Future buzzband MVSCLES set the internet alight just under a month ago with their debut track Sweet n Sour, an electro-pop diamond, sparkling with a confident swagger. What’s more impressive is that new jam Where You Are is arguably even better, soaring vocals sections and a addictive sugary chorus, signalling the Boston duo out as […]

New: The Mountain Goats – Cry For Judas

Praise be to John Darnielle for never keeping his acolytes waiting. Cry For Judas is the lead single from The Mountain Goats‘ upcoming full-length Transcendental Youth, which is set to drop on October 2nd, just 18 months after last year’s devastating All Eternals Deck. Cry For Judas, like Darnielle’s very best, neatly sidesteps mawkishness and dullardry […]

By Rob Hollamby
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New: Holden Girls – Marseille

Love songs for imaginary girls. Lazy Sundays and late breakfasts. An appealing glance, lost somewhere amongst the haze of the day. Somewhere amongst that hipster jargon lies the inspiration for Marseille, the phenomenal debut track from Ely’s Holden Girls. Simplistic, luxuriously refined yet raw and despairingly honest, Marseille is an ode to every betrayed heart […]

New: Crystal Castles – Plague

Two years on since their last album, and Crystal Castles sound as fresh as ever. Whilst not leaving behind the sound of their sophomore record that impressed so many, new track Plague moves towards an even more trance and acid-house inspired place. Barely audible vocals from Alice Glass and a wall of disturbed synths tremor […]

Review: Secret Garden Party 2012

It’s a strange feeling to reflect on a festival and find yourself quite unsure of what actually happened for four or five days. It’s certainly not a feeling that you’ll get walking out of Reading Festival or T in the Park or the Isle of Wight. But then, those events are made for the music. […]

New: Noble Oak – Lover

Noble Oak is rapidly becoming one of the artists of the year, with a string of excellent releases under his belt, all that’s left for the young Canadian is a full length LP. New track Lover features the closest Pat has to a ‘radio-friendly’ chorus, eloquent and glistening with beauty. With each and every track […]

New: Isle – Bayview

Having impressed with their couple of debut demos, Pensacola’s Isles, now known as Isle, have unveiled their first complete recording. Revamping the chillwave inspired Bayview into a more folk influenced number, there’s extra dimensions added with the backing vocals and a generally more languid atmosphere throughout, ending up sounding more Fleet Foxes than Washed Out […]

By Josh
on 23rd Jul 2012
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New: Flying Lotus – Between Friends (Feat. Earl Sweatshirt)

The latest in the fantastic Adult Swim Singles Program comes from Californian producer Flying Lotus featuring verses from Earl Sweatshirt and the elusive Captain Murphy (rumored to be Aesop Rock). As genre bending as ever, FlyLo stamps his authority all over the track, with Earl showing Tyler and the rest of Odd Future what it’s […]

New: Kulaks – We Can’t Be Friends

With a list of 80’s influences as long as your arm, it’s no surprise that Kulaks new track We Can’t Be Friends recalls the likes of The Cure and The Smiths. If it wasn’t for it’s slightly dirty edge, it could quite easily float on by without so much as a shudder (much like The […]

New: The Babies – Moonlight Mile

Perfect for the rare burst of warm weather we’ve experienced over the past few days, The Babies new single Moonlight Mile may well prove to be one of the finest tracks of 2012. Reviving the spirit of the early 70’s, it’s fast paced and exhilarating, cornered in with soaring riffs and absorbing, anthemic vocal sections. […]

New: Evian Christ – FYTS

Weirdly atmospheric and unimaginably trippy, Evian Christ’s new track FYTS almost feels like a homage to 90’s techno, yet without the god-awful synth sections. Kicking in at round about 1.45, it’s a signal of intent from Evian Christ, refreshing and thoroughly enthralling and rightfully placing himself above numerous other producers around at the moment. Check […]

New: Father Sculptor – Frances

What is it with Scottish bands and writing unbelievably epic anthems? The Twilight Sad, Idlewild and Frightened Rabbit spring to mind immediately, and even Snow Patrol and Franz Ferdinand dig the occasional festival hit out of their lockers. Glasgow’s Father Sculptor appear to be continuing in that very vein, with this despairingly open new track […]

By Josh
on 20th Jul 2012
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New: Châteaux – Everything Seems Better

If you’re a regular reader of Crack In The Road, you will have become more than aware of my love for the music of young Manchester outfit Châteaux. Without wanting to make this post too personal, this week has thrown up a rather testing event that has thrown my life a bit out of kilter, so […]