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New: Chateau – La Rochelle

When I was younger I used to think ‘how come all the band names haven’t already been taken? what will happen when they all run out?’; a question that’s still to be answered… Chateau hails from Middletown, Connecticut and shares his name with blog-popular Manchester band Chåteau (note the all important accent). This debut track […]

By Josh
on 30th Jun 2012
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New: Matilda – Blood

A desolate, abandoned building. A single, black and white photo. “Matilda” knows how to play the game, but don’t let that detract from what is a stunning, emotionally fraught piece of music. The eerie piano echoes the sentiments of Matilda, conjuring up a vivid backdrop for the delicate vocals. Oh and I won’t spoil the […]

By Josh
on 29th Jun 2012
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New: A$AP Rocky – Ridin’ (Feat. Lana Del Rey)

So having appeared together in Lana’s recent grossly exuberant video for National Anthem, A$AP Rocky has called in the pouty lipped songstress for an appearance on Ridin’, taken from his upcoming album LongLiveA$AP. As to be expected from A$AP, the beat is slick and deliciously produced, whilst Lana’s vocal sections are as cliched/pronounced as ever. […]

By Josh
on 28th Jun 2012
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New: Châteaux – Oh, Darling

Châteaux featured on Crack In The Road a little while back when they uploaded their first demo ‘It’s Magic’, a track which was full of raw energy, crafted with a young spirit that had the ability to embed the track in your mind after your first listen. They’ve now returned with their new demo ‘Oh, […]

New: Avec Sans – Heartbreak Hi

YESSSS!! I cannot tell you just how long I’ve been waiting for this song, and it doesn’t disappoint. Since discovering London duo Avec Sans via a bandcamp trawl a couple of months back, with their audacious debut track Perth (a cover of Bon Iver), turning a melancholic song into an indie disco anthem. Heartbreak Hi […]

By Josh
on 27th Jun 2012
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New: Muse – Survival

As if the Olympics fiasco wasn’t annoying enough as it is, they’ve gone and chosen Muse to pen the official song. So whilst you’re watching Bolt remind us all of our physical inadequacy, you can guarantee to be subjected to this Queen-wannabe number numerous times. Dreadful lyrics, a god-awful choir section and a synth riff […]

Video: Lana Del Rey – National Anthem

Say what you like about Lana Del Rey, she doesn’t do things in half measures. Her new video for upcoming single National Anthem featuring her best Marilyn Monroe impression and A$AP Rocky playing JFK, it’s just bizarre and sadly detracts from what is otherwise a great pop song. Has she finally lost the plot, or […]

Introducing: Pity Sex

Across this great green planet there are young people. Young people in flannel shirts and earthy tones. They have beards, if they can grow them, and sometimes if they can’t. Books are their friends. They have felt the bloody, beating pump shatter behind their ribs, but they try not to dwell on it too much […]

Video: Mr. Meeble – Star Power

Self-proclaimed “epic electronic glitch rock”, Mr. Meeble’s music is a narcotic blend of 80’s disco and more experimental, prog styles. New video for single Star Power is a bizarrely yet beautifully crafted affair, coming across like something out of I-Robot blended with The Matrix. It may not be ground breaking nor set to storm the […]

Introducing: Kadugodi

As more and more musicians and producers discover and sign up to bandcamp, it has become more of a rarity that on a casual trawl through the listings you will find something that sticks with you. While this can make for some disheartening moments, I certainly don’t want to be seen as complaining, instead the […]

Announcement: One Of These Days Festival 2012

Exactly how the Mayans predicted it. The world would come to a crashing end as the year 2012 drew to a close, but not before a festival to trump all other festivals would burst into life and soundtrack the apocalypse and our collective demise. This festival would be the resulting efforts of an international collective […]

New: Dark Dark Dark – Tell Me

Now that you’ve finished being thoroughly underwhelmed by the new Antlers track (I jest), try this delightful piano ballad from Dark Dark Dark on for size. “I want to live in a time where you cherish me” bemoans lead singer Nona Marie Invie, chastising and lamenting the loss of a once treasured lover, and longing […]

By Josh
on 25th Jun 2012
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New: The Antlers – Drift Dive

Far less pop orientated than their 2011 release Burst Apart, Drift Dive is the first track to be taken from The Antlers upcoming EP Undersea. Focusing on building atmosphere as a oppose to emotionally wrought lyricism, Drift Dive feels like more of a return to the minimal approach adopted on Hospice. I’m still to be […]

Review: Cholombian – Before You, It Never Snowed EP

With the likes of Bondax and Disclosure causing serious waves in the UK music scene, it would appear that now is as good a time as any for young, talented producers to forge a name for themselves. Southampton’s Cholombian aka Mitchell Stevens may still be simmering beneath the radar of most people, but it’s surely […]

Preview: Latitude Festival

Latitude Festival is upon us once again, and it stands as bright as ever as one of the glowing gems in Britain’s crown of world class music festivals. This may sound a tad sycophantic, but  this suggestion would be surely eradicated once you realise the sheer range and quality of the line up Latitude has […]

Video: D E N A – Cash, Diamond Rings, Swimming Pools

Before anyone else points out the similarities, I’d like to state that I realise this new track from D E N A sounds an awful lot like M.I.A., with it’s bratpack hip-hop vibe and unnervingly simplistic chorus. So it’s geekier, slightly forced and backed by the underlying feeling that it may not be entirely serious, […]

By Josh
on 22nd Jun 2012
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New: Adored – Not Alone

Ah, here’s a slice of ‘fall-head-over-heels-in-love’ dream pop from LA four piece Adored. Titled Not Alone, it’s three minutes of soaring shoegaze riffs and reverb drenched vocals, ready to whisk you away to a happier place, preferably where Reverend & The Makers don’t exist. So it’s a little rough around the edges, and the lyrics […]

Interview: Weird Shapes

Settling down before Newcastle’s annual Evolution Emerging Festival with a running order and a cold pint of Grolsch in hand, it struck me just how blessed the North East is with it’s current crop of musical offerings. Planning my schedule and being forced to miss the likes of Knuckledragger, Lilliput and Natasha Haws portrayed the […]

New: Mood Indigo – Dive

For quite a while now it’s been glaringly evident that whilst the ‘bedroom producer’ scene is thriving, with the likes of Mmoths, Beat Culture and XXYYXX gaining critical success all around the world, we’re still waiting for one of them to take it to the next level, and change the game forever, in the way […]

New: Purity Ring – Fineshrine

Ahead of the release of their debut LP Shrines, out 24 July on 4AD, Purity Ring have dropped a new track set to feature on the record. Fineshrine is as deliciously addictive as their previous outings, fusing glitched vocal samples with excessive sidechain usage and a ludicrously upbeat chorus. Although it’s still very early to […]

By Josh
on 20th Jun 2012
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