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News: Metronomy give remixing Lady GaGa a go

Following my piece last week about Lady GaGa being remixed by the Wild Beasts, Devonshire electro pop outfit, Metronomy have given remixed Yoü And I. (via Youtube) This is far from the first remix that Metronomy front man, Joseph Mount, has dabbled with. His past interpretations include remixes of DNTEL, Gorillaz, CSS & Architecture in […]

By Sam Golden
on 31st Aug 2011
in Music

New: The Distnce – Dry Land

Every now and then a track comes along that embeds itself so deeply in your consciousness that the only way to shake it is through repeated listens. Dry Land from Los Angeles duo The Distnce certainly fits this criteria; with it’s irresistible dream pop vocals and luscious electronic percussion sections. The lyrics are simple yet […]

Film review: La Piel Que Habito (The Skin I Live In)

Director: Pedro Almodóvar Length: 117 minutes Country: Spain Language: Spanish Few aspects of sexuality can still cause as much controversy and be as difficult for so many people to comprehend as transgender surgery. Pedro Almodóvar’s La Piel Que Habito explores medical ethics, transgender sexuality and parental relationships without pretension, but with grace and dignity. Starting […]

MPfree: Blank Spaces – Hold Fast

Is summer over already? Has it begun yet? I’m not quite sure to be perfectly honest; the drab weather we’ve experienced in the UK over the past couple of months has me longing to uproot, leave England behind and set sail for a place where the sun occasionally breaks through the clouds. This track from […]

News: 2pac’s homeboys smoked his Ashes

Rappers & friends of Tupac Shakur admit they smoked the late Makaveli’s ashes after his death as a way to remember their mentor and hip hop visionary. Members of The Outlawz  revealed they toked up their mentor’s cremated remains at a memorial gathering.  Taking the lyrics to, 2pac’s track, Black Jesus literally the group rolled & smoked his ashes […]

By Sam Golden
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Interview: Jack Mazes – Art Is Cheap

On July 29th, Jack Cooper, who’s most likely to be found playing guitar and singing with joyous fuzz-pop four piece Mazes, made a post on the band’s website, which read as follows: ‘Art is cheap… people make millions and trillions of pounds out of a brain cell firing successfully. it’s crazy. I’ll write you a song […]

New MPfree: Taphi – I’m Losing Sleep

California’s music scene receives it’s fair share of praise, albeit at times undeservingly so, yet with this new track from Costa Mesa songstress Taphi, there’s plenty of reason to celebrate her work. There’s hints of Laura Marling and Sarah Jaffe in the delicately delivered vocals; two artists whom have numerous imitators but few who have […]

New: Cosmo Jarvis – My Day

With Is The World Strange Or Am I Strange? due to drop on the 26th of September, Cosmo Jarvis has released the video for ‘My Day’, a frenetic call to arms and nostalgia, which retains the urgency of his earlier works whilst charting his aural progression to an established electric artist, away from his previous […]

By Will Tompsett
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New & Review: Prison Wine – Transmissions From The Saturnine Heart: Some Bedroom Recordings

I’m not convinced this is ‘new’ as such, more new to me I guess, yet I could find so little information about Prison Wine, that I’d hazard a guess that it’ll be fresh for most people. This collection of seven bedroom recordings recently uploaded to bandcamp, under the mysterious title ‘Transmissions From The Saturnine Heart: […]

Introducing: ORIG∆MI

Hailing from Holland, 17 year old producer ORIG∆MI creates luscious, ethereal soundscapes; part M83, part Washed Out. Trawling the internet, there is little evidence of ORIG∆MI’s existence at all, aside from a couple of blogs posts and his own bandcamp page. His debut EP, The Rapture was released in mid July and is a promising collection of […]

Review: Hard-Fi – Killer Sounds

Back in 2005 my music tastes were somewhat different and in hindsight, depressingly limited. I had a Keane t-shirt, my favourite album was Hot Fuss and I paid £35 to see Franz Ferdinand, Editors and The Rakes…. In the immortal words of Notorious B.I.G.; ‘Things Done Changed’. Alongside the plethora of indie bands that emerged […]

New: Pacific Empire – Death Song

Depressing name for a track, right? Well it’s a pretty emotionally desolate song to be honest; any piece of music that finishes with the line ‘I don’t want to die’ is sure to be fairly hard-hitting. This first track from North American duo Pacific Empire is a bleak yet beautiful piece of work from Spokane […]

New: Purity Ring – Belispeak

Having already released one of my most enamored tracks of the year in the dashingly enchanting Lofticries, what is there left for Purity Ring to do? Well aside from a Pitchfork Rising article and a split release with CitR favourites Braids, not much I guess. The strikingly upbeat Belispeak comes from said joint 7″ and […]

By Josh
on 26th Aug 2011
in Music

Review: Balam Acab – Wander / Wonder

It’s official, witch house is dead. The much maligned genre has lost any sense of intrigue and is far from the phenomena that so ostentatiously swept the internet a couple of years back. Slowing down Justin Bieber’s voice, sampling gameboy sounds and uploading to bandcamp alongside brightly coloured artwork featuring legions of triangles no longer […]


A while back, hotly-tipped Mancunian DJ and producer xxxy was been given the task of remixing Ghostpoet‘s dope-rap-track ‘Liiines‘, adding another notch to his ever-increasing tally of remixes. Examples being reworks of Radiohead and Alpines tracks. The song itself has just landed on SoundCloud and doesn’t stray too far from the original recording, building up […]

By Tom Price
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New: Gem Club – Twins

With every drop released from Gem Club’s debut LP, Breakers, comes an infinite increase in excitement. The first release from the album, also named Breakers, was a heart-wrenching piano driven lullaby, which glided and shuffled around the heart before finally breaking it. The follow up mp3, Twins, follows in a similar vein. Piano driven from […]

By Joel Chima
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New: IVVVO – Her EP

Since IVVVO’s debut EP on Housewarming Records, the man hasn’t seemed to stop making music. A Shlohmo remix followed, as well as a handful of white label singles that never really delivered, but did managed to fill in some blanks in the story. His next full EP however, is remarkably more accomplished. It aims at […]

By Joel Chima
on 25th Aug 2011
in Music

New: Dead Gaze – It’s Not Real

The speed in which the artists over at the Cats Purring have been churning out beautiful pop gems is almost startling. In the last two weeks the Oxford (Mississippi) based collective has featured on the site twice, through Dent May and Gray Things respectively. It’s now the turn of Dead Gaze, who’ve just announced they’re […]

By Joel Chima
on 24th Aug 2011
in Music

New: Jelly Jells – B€/\UT!FU{_

Not much is know about Jelly Jells, apart from a quote that’s been well publicised by all who have written about him. “Jelly Jells is a half black, half italian son of a prostitute. He is a musician, magician, inventor, aesthete, dreamer, doer and believer!”  Not a bad introduction to an artist that has so […]

By Joel Chima
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New: James Blake & Bon Iver – Fall Creek Boys Choir

Last week a seemingly innocuous tweet from the world’s second favourite JB set the blogging community into meltdown. London dubstep producer James Blake simply wrote ‘’24 August 2011 – James Blake & Bon Iver – “Fall Creek Boys Choir”‘. With anticipation at an all time high, Fall Creek Boys Choir received it’s first play, courtesy […]