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New: Youth Lagoon – July

This glorious lo-fi debut track from Youth Lagoon has already climbed it’s way into being one of my favourite tracks from this year so far, despite it only being around for just over a day. The first minute and a half of July consist of muttered vocals and reverb laden feedback, before the song erupts […]

By Josh
on 31st Mar 2011
in Music

New: The Border Surrender – Call To Prayer

On a windy afternoon like today, I quite enjoy going outside and waving my hair about like a depraved maniac; it’s a relatively refreshing feeling, especially when accompanied by some suitable music. Call to Prayer, the new track from The Border Surrender makes you want to do entirely that, just go wild and get lost […]

New: Various Cruelties – ‘Neon Truth/She Is The One’

After Crack In The Road were the first blog to feature Various Cruelties (can you tell I’m proud of that?), the band have gone on to receive a great deal of attention from fans and critics alike, not to mention a fair amount of national radio play. After successfully releasing their debut single ‘If It Wasn’t […]

By Ben
on 30th Mar 2011
in Music

Feature: The Cuts Protest

The 26th of March was a day of ideological opposites. What you’ve undoubtedly been subjected to over the last few days, however, is an endless stream of images that show the protest at its most violent and turbulent. Despite the media’s corruption of the day, at times it was exactly like that. By 9pm Piccadilly […]

By Joel Chima
in Life

Review: Burial – Street Halo 12″

So after dropping a collaboration with Thom Yorke and Kieran Hebden (Four Tet) earlier this month, Burial is back with another vinyl release, in the form of three track EP Street Halo. It’s clear from the off that his style hasn’t changed much, however the tracks seem to be vastly more radio and nightclub friendly […]

Review: Filardo – Enter The Edit Suite

Enter The Edit Suite is quite unlike any other record i have heard this year, and that’s entirely a positive attribute. It’s an album of many colours, all which are viewed in a way that’s ultimately decided by the listener.

Review: Porcelain Raft/Oupa (Manchester)

Mauro Remiddi, a.k.a. Porcelain Raft, spent a great deal of 2010 self releasing EPs and working through demo after demo, slowly building up a growing fan base of music blogs across the world. This steady progress led to the release of the project’s first proper EP ‘Gone Blind‘ early this year, with all the hype […]

Video: World Unite Lucifer Youth Foundation – L Y F

(We know this is not Wu Lyf in the picture) After several months with no word from the Wu Lyf camp, the Mancunian odd balls are back with a stunning new video for track  L Y F. As well as releasing this video yesterday, they also announced details of their debut album, titled Go Tell […]

Review: Josh T. Pearson (Manchester)

The Deaf Institute really is one the best venues in the UK, and on this occasion the atmosphere was absorbing as the place was packed to the rafters with eager Josh T. Pearson fans. With his most recent album, ‘Last of the Country Gentlemen‘, receiving numerous 10/10 by major music critics, the level of expectation […]

Review: John Maus/Plug (Manchester)

Islington Mill has a habit of throwing up the weird and the wonderful in terms of gigs, with my last experience being a fantastic show by Islet. A recently renovated mill, Islington Mill is more of a ‘performance space’ than it is a venue, decked out with odd chairs, a make shift bar and the […]

Competition: Pony Pony Run Run, Delphic, The Naked and Famous

Next week, on Tuesday 5th April, Spotify are hosting their first ever live streamed gig from the KOKO in London, and we’ve got a pair of tickets to give away. To see French arena-fillers Pony Pony Run Run (supported by Delphic and The Naked and Famous and complete with a DJ set from La Roux), […]

By Chris Heasman
on 29th Mar 2011
in Music

New: Young Dreams – Young Dreams

Spring is coming, every now and then we are granted a rare glimpse of the sun; I’ve even been able to take my coat off whilst outdoors at times! So to celebrate the lousy weather seemingly being on the up and to get you in the mood for the lazy summer days ahead, here’s a […]

Crack in the Road Exclusive Mix #6: Phantastic Symphony

So after the success of our fifth Exclusive Mix courtesy of Crash Symbols, we knew it would take something special to live up to the ever increasing expectations, and boy have we got just that. With six original sets already included on his soundcloud, we’re delighted to be able to welcome Phantastic Symphony as the […]

New: Death Cab For Cutie – You Are A Tourist

So three years on from their poorly received sixth album Narrow Stairs, Death Cab For Cutie are back with new track You Are A Tourist. Whilst it doesn’t hark back to their acoustically raw roots, it’s still an enjoyable listen and a positive sign for what’s to come. Since 2003’s hit record Transatlanticism, Death Cab […]

By Josh
on 28th Mar 2011
in Music

Exclusive Track Premiere: Two Bicycles – Sunset

Being a huge fan of Jamison’s work with both the upbeat pop act Teen Daze and the atmospheric soundscapes created by Two Bicycles, it’s an honour to be able to premiere a new track from his upcoming concept album The Ocean.

Review & Interview: The Crookes (Manchester)

Crack In The Road first came across The Crookes just under a year ago at Dot to Dot Festival in Manchester, and since then this indie-pop quartet has only gone from strength to strength. Their debut album, ‘Chasing After Ghosts‘, was released on the 21st March after the release of their very well received EP ‘Dreams […]

Single Of The Week: Craft Spells – After the Moment

So I’m sitting in a pub overlooking London Fields sipping a cold pint and this record comes on the speakers; I couldn’t think of a more perfect set of sounds. Craft Spells have only been in our consciousness for a short while now, but they impress anyone who listens to them. With the summer just […]

By Joel Chima
in Music

Feature: Are DJs The New Rockstars?

This had me thinking, has the accolade of international rockstar moved away from its home ground of guitar band based rock music, and been transcended by a new wave of commercial, mass appeal electronic based music?

Review: Psychologist – Waves of OK EP

Almost solely driven by a magnificently elegant piano; comparisons will no doubt be drawn to James Blake, however there’s a level of honesty and a storytelling trait that Blake fails to portray in many of his tracks.

By Josh
on 27th Mar 2011
in Music

Film Review: Limitless

In many ways Neil Burger’s latest Hollywood thriller mirrors perfectly the subject matter it tackles: the concept is brilliant, but it is limited by its greatness. The story is simple but has the ability to be something all encompassing. We follow downtrodden no hoper Eddie Morra (Bradley Cooper) as he struggles through his daily existence […]