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Review: Esben and the Witch – Violet Cries

As an act recently nominated for the BBC Sound of 2011 competition, it would be easy to assume that the Brighton three piece Esben and the Witch make for easy listening, especially when coupled with the lazy comparisons to Florence and the Machine. Whilst Florence makes epic, but nonetheless accessible pop music, Esben and the […]

By Will Tompsett
on 31st Jan 2011
in Music

Interview: Run Toto Run

Change. Development. Progression. Evolution. These words are central to understanding the musical entity that is Run Toto Run. Beginning as a twee-folk act back in 2008, the band have gone through a series of changes that stretch as close to last week, when Run Toto Run went from being a 3, to a 2. More […]

New Artists: Tips For Getting Your Music Posted

I thought I’d outline a few principles which may help budding artists to have their music posted on blogs, either this one itself, or sites likes ourselves.

Single Of The Week: Pandit – Pack Your Bags

Pandit’s Pack Your Bags is an beautiful ode to failing love, harrowing and hopelessly honest

Review: Friends of Manchester Festival

Walking slightly ahead of the scheduled student and union protest march,  Oxford Road felt like a ghost town as police diverted traffic and pedestrians watched on from the windows of McDonalds and Costa. Approaching the venues of Kro Bar and Jabez Clegg for the beginning of the festival, everything still felt far too quiet for […]

Review: White Lies – Ritual

With economic and social unrest tending to go hand in hand with the mood of music produced, it’s no surprise that the current trend for new music is melancholic, synth heavy and irrefutably dark, and White Lies are no exception.

By Josh
on 29th Jan 2011
in Music

Interview: The Luyas

With only a few weeks to go until the release of their highly anticipated sophomore record, Too Beautiful To Work, excitement is gradually building around The Luyas.

Live Review: The Bang

After winning Dundee’s Battle of the Band competition in late 2010, The Bang are poised to attempt to replicate the success of past winners Make Sparks and are going the right way to achieve this…

By Adam Jamieson-Caley
in Music

Interview: Twin Shadow

One of the fastest rising stars of 2010, Twin Shadow’s debut record Forget, released last year on Rough Trade, received numerous glowing reviews. Therefor we were delighted to be able to chat to George Lewis Jr, a.k.a. Twin Shadow, about European politeness, Coachella, and bad musicians.

Review: Twin Shadow (Manchester)

Accompanied by Ben (of Crack in the Road fame) we positioned ourselves in the lofty heights of the seating area of Mancester’s ‘Deaf Institute’ ready for the night’s entertainment. Our first good sign followed shortly; the projector, which I have never seen used before, was on. Weird Era: First thing’s first, if you recognise this name, […]

By Ben
on 27th Jan 2011
in Music

Interview: Cloud Nothings

Sure to be one to watch in 2011, Dylan Baldi, or Cloud Nothings as he is better known is making a raucous start to the year

Preview: Friends of Manchester Festival 29/01

In it’s third year, the Friends of Manchester Festival is once again showcasing some of the finest talent Manchester, and the friends thereof, have to offer. Spread across two venues, Jabez Clegg and Kro Bar, this year also sees the introduction of a fantastic For Folk‘s Sake stage that will, rather aptly, present a platform for […]

Live Review: Glasvegas

For the first time in what felt like an eternity, Glasvegas are back. New songs, new drummer and what appears to be a new start. I stood in the typically quiet and somewhat distracted Orkney crowd and questioned to myself why they chose this place to start their tour.

By Adam Jamieson-Caley
on 19th Jan 2011
in Music

Interview & Review: Delta Maid (Manchester)

Accompanied again by the wonderful company of Simon Doyle, we perched against a ledge to watch the Liverpudlian country/blues artist, Delta Maid. Having recently supported Seth Lakeman on his nationwide tour, Delta Maid has already been gaining a significant amount of positive attention from fans and critics alike. On the 16th January, and the night […]

Review: Justin Townes Earle (Manchester)

Americana Revival? Hillbillies need not apply.

By Ben
on 17th Jan 2011
in Music

New: Trophy Wife – The Quiet Earth

If there’s one city to keep an eye on for musical offerings in 2011, then it has to be Oxford.

By Josh
on 15th Jan 2011
in Music

News: Panda Bear’s Back in Business

Panda Bear aka Noah Lennox aka the guy who hits stuff in Animal Collective has announced the completion of his long-awaited new album Tomboy and has even set a release date. Tomboy includes tracks previously released as a series of vinyl singles as well as new material which, according to a press release, will all […]

Review: Klaxons – Landmarks of Lunacy

Everybody likes free stuff, and Klaxons’ ‘Landmarks of Lunacy’ EP should be no exception.

By Chris Heasman
in Music

News: Guillemots Return

Nearly 3 years have passed since the critically acclaimed album Red was released, and the Guillemots have marked their return to the UK live scene with a gig held at a secret London location. When tickets were made available after a count down on the band’s website reached zero, they sold out in a staggering four […]

Glastonbury Emerging Talent Competition

Firstly I’d like to wish every one a very Happy New Year for 2011, and that it wasn’t too much of an anti climax. I think that’s the problem about New Year, so much concentrated energy and feeling is put into a couple of days and then it all just seems to fizzle out, leaving […]