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Interview: Liam Bailey

After standing outside Edinburgh’s HMV Picture House in the pouring rain, I am beckoned by a man emerging from a nearby pub, I follow…

By Adam Jamieson-Caley
on 30th Dec 2010
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Single of the Week: Beach House – I Do Not Care For The Winter Sun

Now the reason for choosing Beach House wasn’t purely for the song itself, but in recognition of the phenomenal year this band have enjoyed.

By Josh
on 21st Dec 2010
in Music

New: Bright Eyes – Shell Games

Next year sees the release of the final Bright Eyes record, a project headed by Nebraska born songwriter Conor Oberst.

Interview: Shad

Known for intelligent lyricism and a expert understanding of rhyme patterns and flows, it’s due time that the scene began to receive more commercial exposure

A Brief History of the Christmas Number 1 – The 1970’s

Leaving the 60’s firmly behind us, we move into the afterglow which is now commonly known as the 1970’s. Gone were many of the hippies, dampened was the initial optimism of the youth, and in return the 1970’s welcomed Margaret Thatcher into the political realm and cast a sad economic shadow across the whole nation. […]

A Brief History of the Christmas Number 1 – The 1960’s

So we enter the next decade of our journey into the phenomenon which is the Christmas Number 1. The 1960’s marked a distinct change in the direction of the development of the world, with the Cold War, pardon the pun, heating up, and political activism sprouting and blossoming in an ever more empowered youth. With […]

By Ben
on 18th Dec 2010
in Life

A Brief History of the Christmas Number 1 – The 1950’s

Looking back at over 50 years of Christmas Number 1’s, it’s hard to define one discernible pattern. Glancing over a collection of songs that range from the fantastic to the awful, the melancholic to the nonsensical, I am initially left wondering why we’re so hung up on what track happens to be the best selling […]

By Ben
on 17th Dec 2010
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New: Hourglass Sea – L.A. Lights

As if I need to reiterate it any further, chillwave is the genre of the year in my books

An Alternative Christmas

I’ll be honest, I do love Christmas.  I have a lot of time for Wham and Mariah Carey, and I am already excited for the multiple viewings of Home Alone and Elf in a week or so.  However, there are only so many times you can listen to Chris Rea before biting your own hands […]

By Will Tompsett
on 14th Dec 2010
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Single Of The Week: Twin Shadow – Castles In The Snow

For an artist that so quickly surged to critical acclaim, Twin Shadow has been somewhat absent from the pages of Crack in the Road

By Joel Chima
on 13th Dec 2010
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Review: Villagers/Alessi’s Ark

Venturing outside of my now native Manchester, I travelled to Leeds and the fantastic Cockpit venue to see the Mercury Award nominated band Villagers. Conor O’Brien is not a new face around Crack In The Road, rather he kindly agreed to an interview, which you can read here, many months ago, before much of his […]

Interview: Teenage Reverb

This year has seen somewhat of a shoegaze revival, albeit molded and coerced into a genre entirely of it’s own

Unplugged Session: Weather Barn

It’s been a hectic few months for Aberdeen based outfit Weather Barn

By Josh
on 10th Dec 2010
in Music

New: Los Campesinos! – Kindle A Flame In Her Heart

Los Campesinos! have always been a band true to their DIY, twee pop culture roots;

By Josh
on 9th Dec 2010
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Review: Emay – Racist On Purpose

Racism is a much discussed topic when it comes to musical content, you only have to listen to the likes of Biggie and Tupac to learn that some of their inspiration came from a fervent desire for equality and peace between races

By Josh
on 8th Dec 2010
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Review: Shad – TSOL

Self-realism is where Shad excels, honesty and integrity allow his lyrics to really connect with the listener

Review: Johnny Flynn and the Sussex Wit

Wonderfully positioned in the intimate surroundings of Manchester’s Club Academy, I prepared myself for an evening of folkie goodness with the legend, nay demi-God, that is Johnny Flynn. Now if you thought that was a bit strong, then you should have witnessed the countless 16-18 year old girls that littered the audience, in a constant […]

Review: Boy & Bear

Walking into Manchester’s fantastic Night & Day Cafe, I was met with a packed out room that was bustling with excitement and anticipation. The Australian folk outfit Boy & Bear appear to have massed quite a large and enthused following since they were first seen supporting Laura Marling several months back. A bottle of finest […]

Interview: British Sea Power

“I’ve never really fancied London, it’s a bit big and a bit gritty and I don’t want to get stabbed”

By Adam Jamieson-Caley
on 6th Dec 2010
in Interviews

Single Of The Week: PJ Harvey- Written On The Forehead

It’s been fairly quiet at Crack in the Road recently, which is something we can only apologise for. In our period of absence however the world of music has carried on regardless. PJ Harvey’s imminent re-arrival to the British music scene is perhaps the most exciting news from the last week, with the slow release […]

By Joel Chima
in Music