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Single Of The Week: James Blake – Limit To Your Love

Watching James Blake’s musical career transpire has been thoroughly exciting to watch. Going from lonely bedroom student producer to something of a modern day musical genius in such a minute space of time must come with shortcomings, however all seem to be avoiding Blake. If anything he’s more inspiring and experimental then ever. His latest […]

By Joel Chima
on 29th Nov 2010
in Music

Film Review: The American

The American sees the re-emergence of photographer turned filmmaker Anton Corbijn, the man that brought us the rather wonderful Control, a biopic of the pained Joy Division singer Ian Curtis. The film burned slowly, was full of majestic first time performances and generally captured the era through the style used. With The American at least […]

Interview: Errors

One of the co-headline tours of the year saw fellow Scots Errors and The Twilight Sad take to the road together, in what would prove to be an energetic and epic partnership

Review: Adrian Roye & The Exiles – Telephones & Traffic Lights EP

After any “indie” band penetrate the mainstream, there is always an influx of similar, over-hyped, copycat artists who attempt to follow in their footsteps.

By Josh
on 25th Nov 2010
in Music

Interview: PEERS

Search for their name on the interweb and you’re met with a barrage of awful websites encouraging ‘peer development’ and damning articles about silly men and women who wear red capes and collude together in plans to help fleece us commoners. However look slightly further and you find PEERS, the 4 piece ‘indie-noise’ band from Reading […]

Real Britannia

1978/79 – The Winter of discontent. 2010/2011 – The Winter of extremist ascent? It is without question we live in a time of unbridled cynicism. Firstly, the Casino bankers drop us into a financial crisis deeper than a Chilean mineshaft. Then, students siege the Millbank building in central London, depicting a clearly disillusioned and downtrodden […]

By Sam Heaney
on 23rd Nov 2010
in Life

Single of the Week: HeRobust – Grief Case (Star Slinger’s WWHRD Remix)

Fresh from announcing an extensive debut US tour with Baths, Star Slinger has dropped another remix upon us, and it’s as exciting as ever

Review: Frightened Rabbit

Accompanied again by my latest gigging mate, Lucy Swinton, we ventured to Manchester‘s Academy 2 for a line up that resulted in an order of ‘promising’, ‘confusing’ and ‘phenomenal’. Admiral Fallow was not a new name to us here at CITR, as we interviewed the band a while back shortly after they had released their […]

Interview: Alphabet Backwards

Forming a quintessential part of the vibrant, diverse Oxford music scene, twee outfit Alphabet Backwards release their new EP today.

Review: Kanye West – My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy

To say Kanye is extravagant, would be an unfair and colossal understatement.

Review: Girls – Broken Dreams Club EP

By now the story of Girls frontman Christopher Owens is a well known one.

By Joel Chima
on 21st Nov 2010
in Music

Review: ‘Tall Ships’/Coal Train

Formed out of the remnants of This Ain’t Vegas, Coal Train rise form the ashes as a rock infused indie-pop four piece from Sunderland. Known primarily, or at least in musical terms, as being the city that produced The Futureheads, Coal Train have produced a sound that is entirely, and wonderfully, different from their home […]

By Ben
on 20th Nov 2010
in Music

Live Review: Unbunny

Once again I find myself in the atmospheric surroundings of the Night & Day Cafe, made all the more intimate by the fact there was only around a dozen people throughout the gig. For those who have never visited Night & Day Cafe, it is styled primarily by old wooden tables and hanging stained glass […]

Gig Review: Veronica Falls @ Sneaky Pete’s 11/11/10

Veronica Falls are a throwback; a throwback to the glory days of C86 style indie pop and the new young sound of lo-fi Scotland and its main stars in the Pastels and Orange Juice

By Martyn Young
on 19th Nov 2010
in Music

Review: British Sea Power – Living Is So Easy

Having recently announced Valhalla Dancehall as the title for their forthcoming album, British Sea Power have generously decided to give away a track from the record, released at the beginning of next year.

By Josh
on 18th Nov 2010
in Music

Les Savy Fav @ Stylus, Constellations Festival, Leeds 14/11/10

A brief search online for Les Savy Fav will leave even the most ambitious gig-goer intrepid with Tim Harrington, lead singer of the New York five piece, venerated for his outrageous stage presence; undressing, singing from the crowd and asphyxiating himself are just a part of the routine. The post-punk, indie, hardcore pastiche of sound […]

By Will Tompsett
on 17th Nov 2010
in Festivals

Review: Constellations Festival

Arriving in Leeds I wasted no time in heading up to the Constellations festival HQ of the Leeds University Student Union. Set across three rooms in the superbly designed Union, Constellations, in it’s first year of existence, boasted well known acts such as Broken Social Scene and Los Campesinos!, alongside the slightly more alternative acts of […]

The Day We Had A Voice

With the dust now settled on the student ‘protest’ against planned education cuts and tuition fee rises, the natural instinct is to reflect in a way that just wasn’t possible so close to the event. Other publications seemed to have a problem with being quite so fair; the Daily Mail as always brought class and […]

By Joel Chima
on 16th Nov 2010
in Life

Review: Spokes

Finding myself in the dark, atmospheric setting of the Night & Day Cafe in Manchester’s Northern Quarter, I pulled a seat up next to the bar, mid-distance from the stage and from the door. Perhaps the ‘arty-ness’ of the Northern Quarter had rubbed off on me, but I had even brought a copy of Simon […]

Single of the Week: Ou Est Le Swimming Pool

Over the summer just past, there was one devastating musical story that dominated the headlines, the death of Ou Est Le Swimming Pool frontman Charles Haddon at Pukklepop Festival in Belgium.

By Josh
on 15th Nov 2010
in Music