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Art Review: Damián Ortega -The Independent

This September Damián Ortega began a creative expedition; he aimed to create a piece of sculpture every day for a whole month. Quite a challenge, however cynics excavated a problem relatively quickly: can the human brain, wonderfully creative or otherwise stand the test of such sustained pressure. In terms of Damián Ortega’s work at the […]

By Joel Chima
on 29th Oct 2010
in Reviews

Single of the Week: Crystal Castles Feat. Robert Smith – Not In Love

Crystal Castles, a band that divide genres and split fan bases…

Interview: Honour Before Glory

Whiskas, co-founder of the highly influential record label Dance to the Radio, has embarked on a new solo project called Honour Before Glory…

By Adam Jamieson-Caley
on 28th Oct 2010
in Interviews

Review: Girls – Heartbreaker

In no uncertain terms, Girls are a cool band…

By Will Tompsett
on 27th Oct 2010
in Music

Interview: Unconscious Jungle

Unconscious Jungle are a gem within the Manchester music scene, with local radio and bloggers already taking notice of this four piece ‘psychedelic folk’ band. Full of choral harmonies, interjections of brass, and ambient synths, Unconscious Jungle have created a sound that is intriguing yet easy to listen to. Instead of forming their music around […]

Review: Vinyl Jacket ‘Broken Record’

Much has happened in camp Vinyl Jacket since Crack In The Road first reviewed their debut 3 track EP and support performance for Hockey all those months ago. Having gained the attention of  BBC Radio 6’s Tom Robinson, along with an ever growing fan base through local and online radio play, Vinyl Jacket are now […]

By Ben
on 24th Oct 2010
in Music

Interview: Mammal Club

Having recently supported Everything Everything, Crack In The Road managed to catch up with one of our favourite groups of music purveyors, Mammal Club. After witnessing Mammal Club perform on several occasions, I am always absorbed and blown away.. The band create a sound that is wonderfully erratic, with no one track sounding the same. This […]

Review: Johnny Flynn/Laura Marling ‘The Water’

The third single release from Johnny Flynn‘s ‘Been Listening’ album, ‘The Water’ is an exquisite example from an album full of beautiful melancholy and majestic musical mastery. Alright, I may be somewhat biased; I can’t resist that scruffy haired folkie. I’ve loved Johnny Flynn‘s music since the release of his first album ‘A Larum’ in 2008. […]

Film Review: The Social Network

From the opening few moments of The Social Network two things become very clear; this isn’t a film about Facebook and this is almost certainly a film written by Aaron Sorkin, as it happens you would be right on both accounts. In fact the opening scene of the film is so Sorkinian that it may […]

Single Of The Week: Oh No-Adventure

They’re two minutes but what a two minutes they are. Oh No has a habit of this, making short, sharp but utterly mesmerising pieces of music. Case in point, Adventure from his 2009 LP Dr. No’s Ethiopium; made using the harshest of vocal samples he manages to create something truly breathtaking. So enough said, here […]

By Joel Chima
on 17th Oct 2010
in Music

Interview: Various Cruelties

After stumbling upon Various Cruelties, I was immediately left perplexed. Here is a band that only has two tracks on Band Camp as their online presence, and even then that page gave away little else about the band. More confusingly, these recordings were of a relatively high standard, therefore this was no bedroom artist. Intrigued, […]

Interview: Everything Everything

Following on from our review of Everything Everything‘s gig in Newcastle, Crack In The Road caught up with Mike from the band. In our interview we were lucky enough to have a good friend of mine Ed Eyre chipping in some very valuable questions, many thanks are owed to him! Don’t forget, you can still win […]

Review: Everything Everything/Mammal Club

On the 13th October the fantastic Cluny in Newcastle Upon Tyne played host to the final date in Everything Everything‘s UK tour, and it lived up to all the hype and expectation directed from the local crowd. Local boys Mammal Club provided the support for the evening, and they did so with a level of […]

Single Of The Week: The Vaccines

Following on from their majorly successful debut show earlier this month, which over 300 people turned up to, London outfit The Vaccines are preparing the launch of their first single, the double A side Wreckin’ Bar (Ra Ra Ra)/ Blow It Up

By Josh
on 12th Oct 2010
in Music

Battle of the Bands, Dundee – Dexters

 After 4 heats of highly contested performances, 8 of the best were voted through to the final of Dundee’s Battle of the Band competition by both their peers and a panel of judges. The final takes place tomorrow, Sunday 10th October, and will showcase the wide variety and vast talent of Dundee’s aspiring bands. Kings […]

Review: Kings Of Leon – Come Around Sundown

There is little left to be said about Kings Of Leon, they’ve had their highs; most notably 2007’s Because Of The Times, one of the finest records released in the first decade of this new millennium, however they haven’t been without their lows as well

News: Top 20

Dear Crack In The Road Readers, For the past month or so we’ve had a presence on the media and blog search engine Wikio, with an aim to promote our articles to readers that may not have otherwise stumbled across them. In our first month we were ranked 109th in the Music category, which we were […]

By Ben
on 7th Oct 2010
in Life

Single Of The Week: James Blake- I Only Know (What I Know Now)

The music of James Blake is fairly distinct; heavy bass, delicate Rn’B samples and gentle pops and clicks form the work of this talented London producer. His last record the CMYK EP was a perfect example of this; sparse yet dramatically groove filled, the EP was pretty much loved by anyone who listened to it. […]

By Joel Chima
in Music

Interview: Ellen and the Escapades

After winning the Emerging Talent Competition and, thus, performing at Glastonbury festival, Ellen and the Escapades are becoming a well established band within Britain…

Interview: Welcome Back Sailors

Italy; renowned for it’s exquisite food, it’s elegant rivers and the imposing, monstrous alps; however not exactly a hotbed for brilliantly crafted indie pop music, despite it’s Italo-disco culture